Are you looking to improve your business English but you don’t have the time to invest several hours a week? All you need is 15 Minutes a day and I can help you increase your knowledge over time.

On a weekly basis, I share valuable information that will help you improve your English in a short period of time. Four times a week you will be given a homework assignment that I will correct and send back to you. You can also send me specific questions about the English language whenever you want. I can answer questions about grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, idioms, and much more.

Example 1

Today I have a pronunciation exercise for you. Please send me a recording of these sentences. Pay attention to the pronunciation, because even though the words look the same, they are pronounced differently.

  1. The singer made a low bow _ to the audience.
    Maria placed a red bow _ on the birthday gift.
  2. All the students are present _ today.
    The boss will present _ the award at 10:00.
  3. Please close _ the door.
    The boy sat close _ to his uncle.
  4. The rope was wound _ around his ankles.
    The soldier received a wound _ in the battle.
  5. I don’t know if I will live _ or die.
    Last night I saw the band play live _ in concert.

Example 2

Today we have a short grammar activity about coordinating conjunctions. These are used to join two items/clauses of equal importance. Try to fill in the blanks using the appropriate conjunction.
Options: and, or, for, nor, so, but, yet

  1. My dad _ I are going fishing this afternoon.
  2. The old man doesn’t have much money _ he always seems to have nice things.
  3. Either we are going to win __ they are going to win.
  4. I don’t have much time _ hurry up!
  5. He wasn’t a popular king _ all of his countrymen hated him.
  6. I want to get there early __ we should leave soon.
  7. It doesn’t matter whether they get the job _ not.
  8. We don’t like red __ do I like blue.
  9. I ran after the cat _ could not catch her.
  10. We played very well __ we still lost the game.

Note: This is an exclusive offer for participants of one of my courses. So what are you waiting for? Contact me today.


I have been in the WhatsApp group for a few months now and it has been a very good way to improve my vocabulary, pronunciation and cultural knowledge. When you learn a new language it’s necessary to practice regularly, 15 minutes a day is a small effort but I have seen quick results thanks to it. The subjects are varied and motivating. It gives me, every morning, confidence and happiness for the day!

Albane Villemin, Communications Manager

The Whatsapp group is very structured, varied and extremely rewarding. Every day we learn different learning techniques, grammar, pronunciation tips through multiple exercises. Jorge is very responsive to answering all of my questions and correcting the exercises. It is obvious that this daily practice can significantly improve your English. Every Saturday, Jorge shares some videos or articles about English culture, especially Canada. I find this part very interesting because Jorge is very attached to Canadian culture and values, it’s a real trip!

Kathy Varin, Geographer-Environmentalist

I joined the WhatApp Business Challenge a few months ago. Jorge shares different, interesting information and exercises in a business context with his group every day. The tasks quickly became my daily English routine. Jorge corrects the personal exercises, gives feedback and useful tips. Best of all, it doesn’t feel like learning, but you learn a lot and constantly improve your language level. Thank you Jorge for your valuable content.

Heiko Dold, Sales Manager

When I began studying English, I was often told ‘it is better to spend 15 minutes learning every day, than one hour once a week’. It was good advise but I didn’t have any idea how to implement that. Now I do! The WhatsApp group by Jorge is a perfect solution! His messages every day are like an alarm clock signal for me; it means – it is time to learn English. Tasks are always different, but very interesting. I feel that I don’t only improve my English, I also learn more about business and foreign cultures. So, I spend less time and make huge progress. Thank you, Jorge!

Oksana Kaplun, Associate Professor

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