Speaking Mastery is the course for those looking to excel in business settings

This course has helped business professionals become more effective communicators in meetings, negotiations, discussions and more

Meet Dirk and Brian. Dirk discusses his ideas and proposals confidently. He listens carefully to better understand the needs of his colleagues and then offers solutions. He’s called upon to handle negotiations and lead meetings. His colleagues like working with him.

Brian is insecure. He doesn’t know how to negotiate, so he accepted a lower salary than his colleagues. During meetings, he stays quiet unless called upon. And then either speaks too much or doesn’t say enough to be understood. He struggles to gain the respect of his colleagues.

Who would you rather be?

This course will help you

Improve your standing

You will not put your head down or stay quiet in a meeting again. Instead, you’ll speak up confidently and finally be heard.

Increase your confidence in speaking

When you learn to communicate ideas in a structured and impactful way, your confidence grows in business interactions.

Boost your income

Studies have shown that you lose 1 million dollars over your lifetime by not negotiating your salary yearly. Imagine the potential when you get good at it.

“This course has helped me construct better English sentences in business settings. I know which phrases to use and how to structure my ideas. The pdfs provide a quick and structured overview of the topics. I can check whether I have understood the concepts with the quizzes and discussion role-playing.”

Andreas Ziegler

Understand and be understood

An example of my teaching techniques

After completing this course you will:

  • structure your thoughts clearly
  • share relevant and reliable evidence to support your position
  • Know which phrases to use in the right situations
  • discuss in an honest and logical way
  • be firm in negotiations
  • lead results-oriented meetings

Course Breakdown:

  1. The power of a good discussion
  2. How to structure your ideas
  3. What counts as evidence?
  4. Phrases for discussions
  5. How to discuss fairly
  6. How to negotiate salary
  7. How to have effective meetings
  8. Role-playing and feedback + quizzes and homework activities

Let’s break down the course even further:

Session 1

  • Why have discussions?
  • Quiz
  • PREP Framework
  • Practice


  • What counts as evidence?
  • Quiz
  • Fact-Checking Business leaders (homework)
  • Phrases for discussions
  • Phrases for discussions (homework)

Session 3

  • Logical fallacies
  • Quiz
  • Persuasive discussions checklist
  • How to disagree productively (homework)

Session 4

  • Salary negotiation
  • Quiz
  • Effective meetings
  • Quiz
  • Discussion preparation (homework)

Session 5

  • Discussion role-play
  • Negotiation role-play

Session 6

  • Meeting role-play
  • Final review of PREP

“This course helped me to communicate in a better way whether in a meeting or discussion. It helped me to structure strong arguments and listen to the other side. My confidence is higher, and I learned how to be a good communicator.”

Niklas Riesterer

Learn to discuss ideas clearly, persuasively, and confidently

Elevate your confidence, influence, and career prospects

In business, those who communicate ideas most effectively rise to the top.

Hi, my name is Jorge, better known as the Canadian. Helping business professionals in Germany improve their communication skills is my expertise. German business professionals have trusted me for over seven years to help them overcome shyness, speak clearly, and be more confident when speaking with international clients.

Communication is more than proper grammar; It’s about expressing what’s in your mind clearly and effectively. At the end of a conversation, discussion, or negotiation, the other party should walk away with the feeling that they know exactly what you wanted to say.

Strong communicators have better relationships, get promoted more often, and are well-respected by their peers.

After hundreds of hours of discussions with business people in numerous fields, I understand how to share ideas that get people to think and take action. My focus is on the German market, so you can be sure that my expertise is relevant to your local situation.

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Why should you buy a communication course from me?

I’ve worked with dozens of German professionals for over 6 years. I understand the German market, culture, and language. This allows me to focus on what’s relevant in the local context. The hundreds of hours I’ve spent discussing with business professionals in person, online and through my podcast have given me tons of practice to improve how I communicate my ideas.

Is there a group discount?

Yes. I work with groups of max. 2-3 people. The price is 175 euros each.

Can I pay in installments?

You can pay 111 euros at the beginning and 111 euros when the course is completed.

What kind of results can I expect?

Like in most things in life, you get what you give. If you apply the principles learned, you can expect your level of confidence, competence, and interpersonal relationships to noticeably improve. – When the principles are applied, you’ll have more success than our friend Brian.

Is there a minimum English level requirement?

An English level of B1 will allow you to focus on the material without being restrained by your English deficiencies.

How many hours does the course take?

The course can be completed in 6 hours over a 3 to 6-week period.

How much does it cost?

222 euros

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