Episode 1 – Why I started this Podcast

  1. When can you listen to podcasts? When you clean up around the house, go on walks
  2. What’s the difference between audio and video content? You can listen to audio content anywhere, whereas to watch video content you have to pay attention to it.
  3. Why is English so important today? It allows you to communicate with people around the world.
  4. What are the 4 elements of language learning? Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening
  5. What is one of Jorge’s biggest dreams in life? To write a book of stories
  6. What is the 1% rule? Every time you do something, try to do it 1% better than the last time.

Episode 2 – Tips for English Learners

  1. What was Jorge’s mistake when he tried to learn German in 2016? He put too much pressure on himself and tried to binge learn using one method.
  2. What was Jorge’s experience at the beginning when he encountered Germans in social settings? People were shy to speak in English, and because he couldn’t speak German he felt uncomfortable.
  3. What’s Jennifer’s advice to learners at the beginning when they can’t speak the language yet? 1. Listen to the language and your brain will build synapses. 2. Have realistic expectations of yourself.
  4. What broke down the barrier in Jorge’s brain to speak German? Moving to the south of Germany. This allowed him to get a new start and change his mindset.
  5. What was Jorge’s strategy to learn German when he moved to Freiburg? He developed the Freiburg 100 list.
  6. What can you do when you don’t have people to speak English with? Look for a tandem partner online.
  7. What can we learn from children? To get back up and try again.

Episode 3 – Canadians in Germany Perspective

  1. What has been difficult for Kyle to adapt to? The language barrier
  2. Why does Kyle think that books about German stereotypes are not helpful? Because German is diverse and not as homogeneous as it was in the 1950’s.
  3. Has it been easy for Kyle to communicate to Germans in English? Yes
  4. Do most people in the English speaking part of Canada speak French? No
  5. What was one of Kyle’s culture shock? Apartments with no kitchens. FKK
  6. What did Jorge see the first time he went to a sauna in Germany? An older woman with her legs stretched out.
  7. Does Kyle like German bread? Yes
  8. What difference does Jorge mention between Germany and Canada? The directness of Germans
  9. Where has Jorge noticed the biggest differences between cultures? At the dinner table

Episode 4 – Achieve Your Goals in 2021

  1. Why does Jorge get frustrated when people say he’s talented at languages? Because he learned languages with discipline and hard work.
  2. What’s the 1% rule? Making small changes in your life that add up after some time.
  3. What happened on the 2nd of January, 2020? Jorge was shocked by how heavy he had become so he started training with Freeletics.
  4. How did Jorge track (measure) his sugar consumption? With the app Momentum.
  5. What are the three habits Jorge developed in 2020? Training, less sugar, and better sleep quality.
  6. How did improving his sleep quality change Jorge’s life? It improved his energy levels, memory, and mood.
  7. What’s the habit that Jorge recommends above all others? To focus on getting better sleep.
  8. What has Jorge done to make it easier for him to train (workout)? He has a yoga mat, shorts and shoes right next to his desk.

Episode 5 – Why I Love Texas

  1. Why did Jorge move to Texas? To be with a girl
  2. What did Jorge tell Jenn when she started walking to the supermarket that was 200m away from the house? To get in the car
  3. What is one reason that could explain why North Americans are less physically active compared to Germans? The infrastructure
  4. What does the Texan accent sound like to Jorge? Friendly, approachable
  5. Why are there traffic jams in Texas on Sundays? Because people are going to church.
  6. What percentage of what we recycle actually gets recycled? 30%
  7. What did Carmen do when Jorge told her he didn’t have money for gas? She gave him her birthday money.

Episode 6 – Born For More

  1. Where was Lidia born? Guatemala
  2. What did Lidia do to earn extra money? She sold books on the street.
  3. Which country did Lidia move to? Costa Rica
  4. What did Lidia do when she visited Germany for the first time? She spoke to Germans in French.
  5. What was Jorge afraid of when he first moved to Germany? He was afraid to speak German.
  6. What can we do to overcome our fears? Become aware of our fears and then face them with courage.
  7. What did Jorge do for money when he moved to Germany? He started teaching English.
  8. How can we develop more determination? Start small. Make small changes.

Episode 7 – 3 Years in Paradise

  1. What were Jorge’s reasons for staying in Costa Rica? He thought he could improve his Spanish and escape Canadian winter.
  2. How did Jorge make his decision to stay in Costa Rica? He flipped a coin
  3. How did Jorge prepare for exams when he was in Costa Rica? He would memorize the information in English and then translate everything back to Spanish
  4. When did Jorge meet his wife? During his second year in Costa Rica
  5. What is the meaning of pura vida? Literally: pure life. It refers to a mindset of being satisfied and grateful for the life you have.
  6. What are Costa Ricans like? They’re happy, hospitable, friendly, relaxed
  7. How can you create serendipity? By going out and meeting new people

Episode 8 – Germany: A Love Story

  1. How did Jorge feel at the beginning of his time in Germany? He was unhappy
  2. What did Benny tell Jorge one day when they went out to eat? That he was Jorge’s friend.
  3. What was the compromise that Jorge and Jennifer made? To move to the south of Germany
  4. Who was Jorge’s unofficial German teacher? Doris
  5. Do our brains remember positive or negative experiences more? Negative ones
  6. Are stereotypes helpful when trying to develop new relationships? No

Episode 9 – Life is a Carnival

  1. Why were Jorge and his brothers excited to see a pig? Because they had never seen one before.
  2. What is the name of the resort town Jorge went to with his family when he was 12? Varadero
  3. What did Jorge notice at the market and different restaurants in Cuba? They didn’t have products or food to sell.
  4. What keeps a lot of developing countries poor? A lack of education and access to healthcare.
  5. What do many of us do when the internet doesn’t work? We complain.

Episode 10 – Should I Invest in Bitcoin?

  1. What type of returns has Florian seen in the last 30 days? 200%
  2. Is Bitcoin a centralized or decentralized system? Decentralized
  3. What is the total number of Bitcoin that will be available? 21 million
  4. What can you do to decrease your risk in the crypto market? Look for coins with a high market cap. Invest in Bitcoin.
  5. Do I need to understand every aspect of Bitcoin in order to invest in it? NO
  6. What is the first thing you should know before you invest? Know your risk tolerance
  7. What are some coins Florian recommends? Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polkadot