What’s in a Name?

  1. How does Jorge’s dad call him – nickname? Chele (2:30)
  2. Did Jorge want to change the spelling of his name? No. (10:50)
  3. What is the first thing Jorge mentions that connects him to his parent’s culture? Hospitality (14:40)
  4. Which room did Jorge offer to his German visitor when she and her husband came to visit? His bedroom (15:41)
  5. What is a big part of Canadian culture with regards to different family backgrounds? Differences get celebrated (20:00)
  6. Does Jorge speak Spanish or English to his brothers? English (21:52)
  7. What’s Jorge’s response when someone says, “Oh Jorge, I don’t understand those people.”? Let’s try. (32:52)

The Black Forest

  1. What advantages of living in a village did Jorge really appreciate during the pandemic? Having a big garden, going on walks freely 11:18
  2. What is one of the challenges when living in a village? It is difficult to create social contacts 13:29
  3. Jorge appreciates German order. What does he say: What does order allow for? Order allows for progress, for businesses to thrive and provides society with security 19:50
  4. What is Jorge’s explanation of “Inversionswetter”? Cloudy and dark in the valley, sunny and warm on top of the mountain 21:47
  5. What does Jorge compare “Kaiserstuhl” to? The landscape and climate are very similar to the Mediterranean 28:09 
  6. What advice does Jorge give to people moving into a village regarding their neighbors? You should introduce yourself when you move in 32:50