How to Learn English Successfully (Ep. 21)

  1. What is a growth mindset? (2:06) The mentality that’s it’s possible to learn
  2. What is attitude? (3:20) The way I see the world and what I think about myself
  3. What was the brother of Jorge’s friend obsessed with? (5:14) dinosaurs
  4. Who did Jorge’s mom speak with every morning? (6:28) the neighbor
  5. What happened when Jorge tried to be perfect at German? (8:04) He didn’t improve
  6. What does Jorge do when he begins working with a student? (11:14) He sends them an English test.
  7. What is the difference between the students who make improvements and those who don’t after 3 month of lessons? (11:47) How seriously they take their learning
  8. What does Jorge say to people who say they have no time? (12:55) Find 5 minutes of free time
  9. Why is Jorge on this planet? (18:20) To build bridges

Nationalism (Ep. 22)

  1. (True or False) Canadians and Americans are very different. (1:23) FALSE
  2. What percentage of Volkswagen cars were sold in China in 2020? (5:46) 40%
  3. Yuval Harari compares terrorists to which insect? (8:07) a fly
  4. Which of these inventions is American? (10:35) Computers, Internet, Electricity
  5. What is one of the negative consequences of pride? (13:38) It leads us to feel superior to others
  6. (True or False) We should see our nationality as a gift not a reward. (16:08) TRUE
  7. What is Jorge’s favorite part of German culture? (16:35) Christmas markets, Spargelzeit
  8. What is Canada’s newest public holiday called? (17:48) The day of truth and reconciliation

Chat with a South African (Ep. 23)

  1. How long was Shaun away from South Africa before his last trip? (1:43) 4 years
  2. What is a predominant memory from Shaun’s childhood? (5:29) Apartheid
  3. When was Mandela elected as president? (6:18) 1994
  4. (True or False) Shaun knew that apartheid was going on as a young boy. (7:46) FALSE
  5. What did Shaun think about having a black president when he was a child? (8:32) That it would be strange
  6. What is to blame for the current problems in South Africa? (20:20) Because of the Apartheid regime that didn’t educate everyone.
  7. What is Jacob Zuma most known for? (21:46) Corruption
  8. (True or False) The problem facing South Africa is not enough is being done to bridge the gap between rich and poor. (24:11) TRUE

Live & Let Live (Ep. 24)

  1. Which subject brings out Jorge’s emotions? (2:45) immigration
  2. (True or False) It is easy to live up to our ideals? (5:08) False
  3. What is a terrible strategy to change someone’s opinion? (6:55) Name-calling and insulting someone
  4. What does Jorge do when he watches basketball games on tv? (8:20) He screams at the screen
  5. Who are some of Jorge’s favorite comedians? Dave Chapelle, Tom Segura, Bill Burr
  6. What do people criticize about religion? (10:29) It forces people to think a certain way and doesn’t allow for differences of opinion.
  7. (True and False) Jorge believes that all ideas are created equal. (13:11) FALSE
  8. What are the two things I need to do when talking to someone with opposing views? (13:33) Listen and ask questions

The Philippines (Ep. 25)

  1. Where did Lawin do his master’s degree? (0:47) The Netherlands
  2. How long were the Spaniards in the Philippines? (2:35) 300 years
  3. Who set up public schools in the Philippines? (3:33) The USA
  4. What percentage of Filipinos are Catholic? (6:21) 90%
  5. (True or False) Divorce is not legal in the Philippines. (7:17) TRUE
  6. What is a difficult time of the year for Jorge? (10:35) Christmas and New Year’s
  7. What percentage of the Filipino population lives in Manila? (12:22) 10%
  8. What are Filipino buses called? (14:05) Jeepneys
  9. What did Lawin do to avoid the traffic in Manila? (14:48) He cycled to work
  10. How many Filipino professional basketball players are there in the NBA? (17:25) 2
  11. (True or False) When Pacquiao fights there is no crime in the Philippines. (19:18) TRUE

Finding Home (Ep. 26)

  1. Until what age did Meghan live in New Hampshire? (2:02) Until the age of 4
  2. (True or False) Meghan has relatives in Texas. (3:05) False
  3. Which company did Meghan’s father work for? (6:45) Apple
  4. When did Jorge and his family move to the French part of Canada? (7:20) After Jorge finished grade 4
  5. When does your accent start to develop? (8:27) Between the age of 9-11
  6. What made Jorge’s move to the French part of Canada easier? (9:05) They have a hockey team
  7. What is an immersion program? (9:28) Half your classes are in one language, and half in a second language
  8. Where does Meghan say she comes from? (11:08) California
  9. Where did Meghan’s parents go to university? (11:50) Penn State
  10. When was Meghan’s flight to Europe? (18:58) The day after her probation period ended
  11. What was the weather like the day Meghan arrived in Munich? (20:03) It was a rainy day
  12. How cold does it get in Jorge’s hometown in the winter? (24:23) -40 celcius
  13. Where did Meghan meet her husband? (27:59) In a bike shop

Seeking Discomfort (Ep. 27)

  1. Where does Samson come from? (1:24) The Bay Islands
  2. What helped Samson have an idea of Tunisia before he got there? (6:06) Watching football
  3. (True or False) Most Tunisians live in single family homes. (8:01) FALSE
  4. What was the biggest challenge for Samson in Tunisia? (9:02) the language barrier
  5. How did learning Arabic help Samson? (12:54) It helped him connect in a deeper way
  6. How did Samson feel when he heard the prayer calls for the first time? (15:09) He felt afraid
  7. (True or False) The friends Samson made in Tunisia speak at least 3 languages. (22:43) TRUE

How to Start a Business (Ep. 28)

  1. What did Paige do instead of studying? (1:41) She read travel blogs
  2. What did Paige study in university? (2:23) Recreation and leisure
  3. When did Paige meet her German boyfriend? (4:23) Her second day in Mississippi
  4. What did Paige do when she realized she didn’t have many career options in Germany? (6:34) She went back to her web design and blogging
  5. What happened the first time Paige tried to start her online business? (7:30) She was filled with negative thoughts
  6. What did Paige do to deal with the negative thoughts in her brain? (9:00) She bought lots of self-development books
  7. What motivated Paige to further develop her business? (10:43) Working at the kindergarten
  8. What did Paige do to grow her business at first? (11:42) Blogging consistently
  9. Which animal does Jorge mention to illustrate his life in Germany? (17:11) Eagle
  10. What does Paige sell now? (19:29) Online courses
  11. What does Paige recommend for people who want to sell products online? (21:20) Build an e-mail list

How to Rest (Ep. 29)

  1. How does Jorge translate rest? (1:01) Ruhe, Erholung
  2. How many different types of rest does Julie mention? (2:33) 7
  3. What are some examples of physical rest? (3:25) Yoga, massage
  4. Which is the most productive time of the week? (9:00) Monday morning
  5. How many minutes of silence will help you reduce stress? (10:37) 2 minutes
  6. (True or False) People are more productive when they listen to music while working. (13:00) FALSE
  7. What does Jorge do to get creative rest? (24:19) He writes poetry
  8. (True or False) Who I allow into my life will determine my destiny. (29.26) TRUE
  9. What do the stars remind Jorge of? (33:02) That we’re tiny but lucky to be alive

How to be a Musician (Ep. 30)

  1. When did Josh start to think he could do music as more than a hobby? (1:48) When he was in highschool
  2. Since when has Josh worked 100% as a musician? (4:34) Since early 2020
  3. What percentage of Josh’s income comes from producing music for others? (5:40) 70%
  4. (True or False) Josh has had some of his songs played on NetFlix shows? (6:32) True
  5. What is one advantage of being a musician in Edmonton? (10:13) Not as much competition
  6. What percentage of Josh’s time is spent producing other people’s music at this time? (17:14) 80%
  7. Why was playing at the Bedford so special to Josh? (21:28) Because that’s the same stage where Ed Sheeran recorded his first live album