Presentation Skills (Ep. 51)

  1. What is Lee’s first advice on how to deal with your nervousness before giving a presentation? To practice in front of a mirror and then before friends/family (04:08)
  2. One of Lee’s students gave a memorable introduction to his presentation on surveillance. What did he do? He had an actual drone flying across the room to catch the audience’s attention. (07:10) 
  3. What is the name of the TED Talk that Lee commends for its engaging introduction and excellent overall presentation skill? “Do schools kill creativity” (08:00)
  4. How can you deal with a bored or seemingly uninterested audience? What is Lee’s advice? Get your audience involved by asking them questions or using a bit of humor (14:50)
  5. What is the problem with using Jargon in a presentation? Instead of transmitting information, you use language that your audience does not understand, and thus you lose their interest (20:48)
  6. What can you do to improve your presentation skills? Watch other presentations, try different things, practice by doing it, and learn from what worked and what didn’t (26:33) 

Childhood Education (Ep. 52)

  1. Where has Jorie worked? Philippines, Singapore and Germany (0:50)
  2. What was Jorie’s biggest culture shock? German directness and honesty (1:42)
  3. Where does Jorie live? Munich (4:57)
  4. What motivates Asian children? Positive reinforcement from an authority figure (7:55)
  5. What is one of the challenges Asian children face? They stop thinking for themselves / have trouble setting boundaries for themselves (10:35)
  6. What are the pros of children who question things? They don’t just believe everything people say (13:20)
  7. What did Jorie do to make her English lesson more engaging? Used a book about dinosaurs (19:15)

Money Money (Ep. 53)

  1. What happened to the 20 DM bill that Carina’s dad gave her? She lost it. (2:40)
  2. How does the mentality of “there Is not enough money” affect us? We always think we have to get what we can before somebody else gets it – it causes trouble, jealousy, and competition.
  3. What can I say instead of saying “there is not enough”? sufficiency – there is enough for everybody (9:15)
  4. How can you overcome the second myth about money that “more is better”? – By simply solving the first one. If you have enough, you don’t need more. (14:04)
  5. What would Carina do with a million euros? Book a flight to Ecuador and give it to a group of indigenous people (22:54)

Vietnamese in Germany (Ep. 54)

  1. How many people live in Anh’s home city Hanoi? 8 million people. (04:21)
  2. What is a significant difference between life in Germany and Vietnam? Life in Germany is very structured. (07:13)
  3. How many people did Anh live with when she first came to Germany as a student? 8 (12:45)
  4. Did Anh work with Puma or with Adidas? (15:43) Puma
  5. How long did it take Anh to learn to code? Around six months (19:11)
  6. What is Anh’s advice to any young woman who thinks about entering the Tech industry? Prepare yourself by learning how to code. That way, you are prepared when an opportunity presents itself. (22:24)