The Uk (Ep. 41)

  1. What accent does Simon have? (03:02) Southerner – South East England
  2. True or false: There are but a few British accents. (03:50) False. There are many accents. 
  3. What is more common in the UK – a different accent or a different dialect? (12:36)  Different accents
  4. What does Jorge suggest would be a great profession for Nic? (16:15) He should work for the radio.
  5. What is the purpose of the word “pure” in Simon’s regional accent? (20:43) It is used as an intensifier.
  6. True or False: Simon’s wife came to New Castle as an Au Pair. (22:19) False. She came as an Erasmus student
  7. What is the purpose of communication (small talk) for English speakers? (29:04) Relationship building – To have good relationships
  8. What is Nic and Simon’s podcast called? (31:45) Decades from Home

How to Small Talk (Ep. 42)

  1. Why does small talk have a bad reputation? (1:59) Because people think it’s very superficial and it feels forced.
  2. What’s a big difference between American networking events and German networking events? (5:00) Americans go to make new contacts whereas Germans tend to go to reconnect with old contacts or introduce colleagues to existing contacts. 
  3. What does Ashely say about German kindness? When do Germans show their kindness? (11:00) They first want to get to know you before they are able to show you their kindness.
  4. What should you pay attention to when you ask someone the question, “How are you”? (14:54) To the tone of voice.
  5. What are the three tips Ashley gives to improve small talk skills? (22:58) No rehearsed questions, active listening, follow up questions
  6. What do Ashley and Jorge call the back and forth in a small talk scenario? (28:48) Ping Pong effect

The Ukraine (Ep. 43)

  1. What does Anastasia do to not fall into depression or negative thoughts in the current situation of war in Ukraine? work (02:19) serving others when you are in a bad place yourself (02:58)
  2. What are the three needs that Ukrainian refugee women currently have? 04:40 (accommodation + daycare and school for their kids; Jobs) 
  3. What does every Western Ukrainian do for the Easter celebration? They put on traditional national dresses (11:35)
  4. What is Anastasia’s favorite dish? Mashed Potatoes (13:42)
  5. What is the first quality of Ukrainians Anastasia mentions? bravery (15:35)
  6. What is the definition of a refugee according to Anastasia’s new understanding? A refugee is a person who had to leave their home, not because they wanted to but because they had to (21:10)

Language Apps & Accents (Ep. 44)

  1. What does Ian say about language apps? Does he recommend them as a substitute or as a supplement? – As a supplement. (05:28)
  2. What is Ian’s slogan on his podcast to encourage his learners? – “If you are learning a language to do something with it – Do something with it” (09:00)
  3. Since when has Ian been working as an English teacher? – Since 2009. (13:37)
  4. What is Ian’s summary of what language apps are good for? They are good for repetitive tasks. (19:42)
  5. Many of Ian’s students are traumatized by something they experienced in the German school system. What is it? – The fixation on perfection and that you cannot make mistakes. (22:10)
  6. What is the question you should ask yourself as a trainer? – Am I here to impart knowledge or to show these people how good I am? (26:13)
  7. Ian summarizes the advantages of language apps at the end of the interview. Which of the following aspects does he NOT mention?  (Answer c.) (32:35)

Language apps are good:

  • a) as a supplement
  • b) for gamification purposes
  • c) to practice speaking with a native speaker
  • d) because they are easily accessible

The Memory Expert (Ep. 46)

  1. What was Florian’s personal learning project that got him interested in the topic of memorization? (03:33) He wanted to memorize the book of Romans in the Bible
  2. What’s the name of the first technique that Florian applied successfully and therefore highly recommends? (07:54) The Memory Palace
  3. How long did it take Florian to memorize the Presidents of the United States with the help of the Memory Palace? (13:06) He memorized them in 45-60 minutes.
  4. When memorizing we need to create pictures in our minds. What is very important especially when memorizing vocabulary in a foreign language? (18:26) You need to create pictures that also add the sound of the word into the picture so that you can remember the pronunciation of the word when reviewing your vocabulary.
  5. What is the English word that Florian wants to memorize by creating a picture of a “Tom & Jerry essen Kirschen”? (18:40) Cherry.
  6. What is so special about memorizing someone’s name? (24:38) It immediately creates a connection with the other person.

English 4 Kids (Ep. 47)

  1. What are the 4 languages that Gaby teaches? (01:08) English, German, Tigrinya (Eastern Africa, Eritrea) Amharic (Ethiopia)
  2. What works best when working with the youngest children? (09:55) Letting them talk about how their day was, having conversations and showing an interest.
  3. What difference does Gaby point out with regards to the learning process of young kids compared to older ones? (11:53) the youngest ones have no inhibitions when making mistakes whereas the teenagers struggle when they make a mistake and it takes them longer to try it again
  4. What challenge will you have to mitigate when teaching young children? (17:56) their attention span.
  5. What can you do to encourage your young children to learn English? (23:48) Don’t make it seem that they are learning something, instead integrate it into their daily life.

Jamaica (Ep. 48)

What did Cheryl love to do as a little girl growing up in Jamaica? She loved climbing up trees and eating fresh fruits. (01:45)
What is Jamaica’s motto? “Out of many one people.” (09:10)
Cheryl talks about the “agents of socialization” in Jamaica by which people with different backgrounds get to know each other. Which are the three agents she mentions? Church, community, school. (10:52)  
What was her mom’s profession? She was a teacher. (18:25)
How long and tall is the waterfall that Cheryl recommends everyone to visit? 600 feet (180m) long and 55 feet tall (24:37)
(True or false) “All Jamaicans are Africans.” False. Cheryl explains that some Jamaicans are German, Spanish and also African – it is a melting pot. (29:28)

Austria (Ep. 49)

  1. What is Viktoria’s lovely agreement with her husband regarding her travels? She will not be gone for more than three weeks at a time. (03:29)
  2. What is Viktoria’s response to the question of Germany’s role in Austrian culture? “Less than they might think or less than they might like.” (11:53) 
  3. What are the advantages of the Austrian transportation system? The railway system is very good and very affordable. (12:40)
  4. What is Austria’s political status when it comes to wars? They are a neutral country. (15:21) 
  5. What “quirky” place do you find in Lower Austria? A nuclear power plant that was never turned on (22:05)

Sweden (Ep. 50)

  1. Why was Jorge surprised when he met the receptionist at the hotel? (0:38) Because she was very friendly
  2. What did the Swedes do differently during the pandemic compared to other European nations? (1:20) They kept preschool and elementary schools open.
  3. What happens when we avoid topics such as politics and religion? (2:15) Our conversations become superficial.
  4. What is special about Rinkeby? (3:16) That’s where you find a high concentration of immigrants
  5. What did Sharif and Nassar tell Jorge about Rinkeby? (3:50) That it’s a safe place to live
  6. (True or False) Jorge lost to the young boys in a game of basketball. (4:32) FALSE
  7. What are some examples of Swedish technology companies? (7:15) Spotify and Klarna
  8. What does the woman Jorge met in front of the parliament do? (9:44) She helps Afghani men with their immigration process.
  9. What is Jorge’s suggestion for the transition toward the technological age in Germany? (10:50) Improve the Internet connection