The Dancer (Ep. 31)

  1. (True or False) Crying helped her development as a child. FALSE (3:02)
  2. When did Jorge realize it’s ok to cry? (5:07) in his 20’s
  3. How long has Sneha practiced her dance form? (9:35) 25 years
  4. What are the three levels of Sneha’s approach? (9:53) Physical, emotional, philosophical
  5. What has the pandemic done to Sneha? (17:19) it’s made her lonely
  6. (True or False) The first lockdown began on the day of Sneha’s birthday. TRUE (23:05)
  7. What was the last thing Sneha’s father asked her for? A song she dances (25:22)

7 Minutes with Daniela Andrade (Ep. 32)

  1. How old was Daniela when Jorge met her? (0:44) 15
  2. What was the name of the song Daniela sang when she was 6 years old? (2:18) Happy birthday Jesus
  3. Which city did Daniela move to when she was 20? (4:05) Toronto
  4. (True or False) Performing in Taiwan surpassed her expectations. (6:10) True
  5. What language does Daniela speak to her parents in? (7:30) Spanish

Undocumented (Ep. 33)

  1. Where was Danny born? (0:53) Venezuela
  2. What was Danny’s father doing when he decided to move to the USA? (3:06) Playing dominoes
  3. How was Danny’s father able to move to the USA? (4:07) He got a tourist visa and overstayed his visa
  4. (True or False) Danny’s mother crossed the desert to get into the USA. (6:18) False
  5. What percentage of undocumented people in the USA came by plane? (7:12) 40%
  6. (True or False) Danny identifies as American. (12:41) False
  7. Who are the 4 biggest arms dealers in the world? (20:53) USA, Russia, France, Germany
  8. How many German descendants live in the USA? (26:22) 40 million

Food & Culture (Ep. 34)

  1. Where was Laura born? (0:59) Argentina
  2. (True or False) Laura learns languages well in a classroom. (2:56) False
  3. Her parents made Bolivian chicken soup with which special ingredient? (8:03) Chicken feet
  4. How long did Laura’s father have a restaurant? (9:35) 20 something years
  5. How did Laura feel in Bolivia? (12:17) As an outsider
  6. (True or False) Laura wasn’t allowed to go out as a teen. (17:43) True
  7. What does Jorge cook when he misses his mom’s cooking? (21:30) Rice and beans
  8. What does Jorge like about Germans? (23:31) People are fit, active
  9. How many different types of potatoes exist in Bolivia? (25:10) 200 different types
  10. When is tea time in Bolivia? (26:43) 4-5 pm

The English Teacher (Ep. 35)

  1. When did Patrick move to Germany? (3:34) 2011
  2. Is Patrick an introvert or an extrovert? (5:32) introvert
  3. What does Jorge do when he doesn’t know the answer to a question? (8:05) He looks on Google
  4. According to Patrick, what makes someone successful at learning a language? (10:46) being consistent, preparation
  5. Which animal does Jorge tell his students to be like so they can learn? (12:07) tortoise
  6. What was Patrick’s final tip for English learners? (23:20) Make the learning journey fun

The Digital Nomad (Ep. 36)

  1. Why is Jorge still in Germany? (1:50) His wife wants to stay in Germany
  2. (True or False) Till invented the concept of the digital nomad. (2:52) False
  3. What’s another word for digital nomad? (3:29) Location independent entrepreneur
  4. What was the first country Till flew to as a digital nomad? (4:28) Thailand
  5. How big should your emergency fund be? (13:01) 6 months of expenses
  6. Where does Till want to settle down? (19:15) Vietnam
  7. How long would it take Till to find a job in a tech hub? (21:00) 1 day
  8. How did the UK couple make money to travel? (23:22) They owned 3 flats

How to Get a Job in Germany (Ep. 37)

  1. What did Lisa do before she became a job coach? (4:57) HR
  2. What are the types of people Lisa is looking to work with? (6:00) people who are willing to learn German
  3. (True or False) Sometimes German employers say you can only get a salary increase if your German skills are better. (6:30) TRUE
  4. What is important if you work in purchasing? (8:57) To communicate properly
  5. What is one challenge people in IT and enginerring face? (9:57) They don’t know how to communicate their knowledge during the interview
  6. Why did the recruiter ask where Lisa’s flute was produced? (12:19) To know if she was telling the truth.
  7. Besides the CV, what else is important for a job application? (14:15) A cover letter
  8. (True or False) If you meet 100% of requirements of the job ad, you are overqualified (16:57) TRUE
  9. What is one reason men earn more money than women straight out of university? (20:14) men ask for more money
  10. How often should you ask for a pay raise? (21:16) Once a year
  11. What is the skilled immigration act? (27:53) a law to attract workers from outside of the EU

Vanlife in the Balkans (Ep. 38)

  1. In which month of the year did Philip begin to build his van?  (6:50) Begin: April; summer full set up, solar on the roof of his van in order to work on the trips
  2. Why did he eventually install a solar panel on the roof of his van? (07:55) Because He wants to work on his trips
  3. What is the main challenge when you travel with a van? (09:00) To find a safe place to park the van if you don’t want to go on a campside because wild camping is not legal in most countries.
  4. What are you not allowed to do in Germany when you park somewhere over night? (10:15) You cannot set up a tent in front of your car, or chairs or your cooker
  5. Why do locals get annoyed at the increasing trend of van tourism? (11:35) Because unfortunately many van travelers leave their trash behind.
  6. How long did Philip travel though New Zealand? (13:14) He travelled through New Zealand for one month.
  7. What does Philip prefer? To go to the coast and the beach or to go to lakes and forests? (16:36) coast and beach

Basque Country (Ep. 39)

  1. (True or False) The Basque language is older than Indo-European languages. (1:17) TRUE
  2. Which two countries have languages that might be connected to the Basque language? (1:58) Armenia, Georgia
  3. The Basque Country is divided between which two countries? (4:20) Spain and France
  4. When was the last terrorist act committed by Basque nationalists? (6:07) 2009
  5. What is the profession that Basque people are known for? (8:10) Fishermen
  6. Where did Basque men go to escape home life? (12:10) Sociedades
  7. Which mountain does Edu recommend for tourists to climb? (14:16) Hernio mountain
  8. (True or False) Basque Country is more expensive than the south of Spain. (16:39) True
  9. When does Edu say someone should visit? (17:42) September-Beginning of October

Open the Door (Ep. 40)

  1. What story does Jorge tell about how serendipity played a role? (2:46) how he met his wife Jennifer in Costa Rica
  2. With how many children did Jorge’s parents come to Canada? (04:45) three children
  3. What does Meghan consider to be part of opening the door? (08:33) Saying it out loud to at least one person
  4. What did Meghan do when she came to Germany? (09:28) She came as an Au Pair
  5. What was the result of Meghan’s internship in Germany? (11:31) She realized that she didn’t want to work in her profession/sit at a desk and do SEO
  6. What did Jorge first study when he entered university? (12:31) business administration
  7. What is the pressure that Jorge has observed since being in Germany? (14:32) pressure of getting it right the first time and being afraid of making mistakes
  8. What are the two ways that opening the door can be understood? (15:23) exciting, opportunity or negative words like risk, unknown 
  9. With what feeling did Jorge come back from Costa Rica? (18:19) with the feeling that he needs family
  10. Where did Meghan meet her husband? (21:06) in a bike shop
  11.  What is Meghan’s final thought on opening the door? (28:00) have the conversation