Episode 11 – Where Are You From?

  1. What does it mean to be a banana? To be an Asian on the outside and white on the inside
  2. What is a FOB? It means Fresh Off the Boat. It refers to a new immigrant
  3. What do people ask Anran when she’s in China? Do you feel more Chinese or Canadian?
  4. What does Jorge do when he starts to miss Canada? He makes poutine
  5. What surprised Anran when she lived in Austria? That Austrians think the difference between Germany and Austria is important
  6. What did a German friend ask Anran when they walked by a restaurant? If dragons are important in her culture

Episode 12 – Freedom in the Word

  1. How many times did Frederick Douglass see his mother in his life? 4-5 times
  2. How did Frederick Douglass learn to read? First, the wife of his master taught him the alphabet. Later, he asked little white children to teach him.
  3. Who was the publisher of the abolitionist newspaper, The Liberator? William Lloyd Garrison
  4. Why was the publishing of the book Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, such an important accomplishment? It showed white Americans in the south and north that a former slave could write and express himself at a high level.
  5. What are some of the benefits of reading books? It reduces stress, promotes comprehension and imagination, alleviates depression, helps you sleep and may contribute to preventing Alzheimer’s.

Episode 13 – Raise Your Voice

  1. What influenced him when he moved to New York? Seeing the discrimination of African Americans
  2. What was Bonhoeffer’s brother-in-law involved in? A group to overthrow Hitler
  3. What did Bonhoeffer and von Dohnanyi personally do? They helped Jews escape to Switzerland
  4. When was Bonhoeffer arrested? April 5, 1943
  5. Where does our plastic recycling end up? In landfills in Asia where it is burned and people breathe in toxic chemicals
  6. How did Bonhoeffer influence people in South Africa? It influenced white South Africans to see the evil of their government. It influenced Black South Africans to fight for their freedom because they knew they were doing the right thing.

Episode 14 – La Belle Province

  1. What type of school system were Jorge’s brothers put in? An immersion program
  2. What is unique about the island of Montreal? It’s mostly bilingual
  3. What did Jorge do the day his family moved away from Montreal? He cried
  4. Why did religion stop playing a role in Canadian politics? Because Quebecers left the Catholic church
  5. What is the only majority French region of North America? Quebec
  6. How has Quebec influenced Canadian society? They’ve influenced the welfare and healthcare system. They’re also leaders in the fight against climate change.

Episode 15 – Love & Hate

  1. Why was Jorge bullied in school? Because he wore secondhand clothes.
  2. What happens when Jorge goes running sometimes? He remembers a negative experience he had with someone and he gets angry.
  3. How old was Jorge when he fell in love for the first time? 7-8 years old

Episode 16 – The Root of the Problem

  1. What were the consequences of the Treaty of Versailles on Germany? Germany lost 10% of its territory. Germans had to pay a lot of money to allied nations.
  2. What happened in 1929? The economy collapsed
  3. Who do we blame for the Corona pandemic? China, the government, the scientists.
  4. What does Alcoholic Anonymous promote? Responsibility

Episode 17 – What’s Your Story?

  1. Why did Jorge end up alone in Greece? Jorge made a mistake with the documents for his friends so they weren’t allowed to fly.
  2. What did Jorge do the final three days in Greece? He traveled around the island with his new friends
  3. What did Jorge’s wife do in Costa Rica? She taught English at a school for one year
  4. What does Jorge believe is the best way to learn? In conversation with other people
  5. What did Jorge learn from Germans? About organization and reliability
  6. Why do some of our relationships die or fade? Because we stop taking an interest in that relationship
  7. How was Jorge able to afford traveling in his 20’s? Because he made friends everywhere he went

Episode 18 – The Immigrants

  1. Where did the immigrant family spend their first few weeks in Canada? With a Canadian family
  2. Where did the family go to work in the summers? To the USA to work in the fields picking blueberries
  3. How many children did this family have? 3 boys
  4. Where did Jorge work when he first arrived in Germany? In a school teaching English to children
  5. How many days did it take to drive from Canada to Guatemala? 7 days
  6. What did Jorge do to help immigrants improve their German? He started a German club
  7. Where does Germany rank in terms of how easy it is to make friends? 52nd place
  8. What can we do to help immigrants? Start a German club. Give online German lessons. Invite them to our home. Say hello and be friendly.

Episode 19 – It’s My Birthday

  1. Why was Jorge sad at Christmas time? Because the Christmas markets were canceled and he couldn’t fly to Canada to be with his family
  2. What did Jorge do to manage his mental health issues? Run
  3. What does an eagle do when the wind blows hard? It flies higher
  4. How did Jorge’s student greet him when she met him for the first time? She gave him a hug
  5. What did Jorge see on his way home from his dance course? A sky filled with stars
  6. What does Jorge want you to remember from this episode? You are not alone

Episode 20 – American in Germany

  1. Where is Nicole from? Philadelphia like the creme cheese
  2. How long has Nicole lived in Germany for? 4 years
  3. What does Nicole NOT want in her drinks? Ice
  4. What does Nicole like and dislike about Germans? Germans are focused on doing things correctly
  5. What is Nicole’s purpose in Germany? To teach people how to have fun
  6. (True or False) If you want something done right, ask an American. If you want something done fast, ask a German. FALSE
  7. (True or False) Germans have a deep understanding of American politics and gun culture. FALSE
  8. How many vacation days to Canadians get? 10 days