This is the course for young people looking to increase their academic and career opportunities

This course has helped Gymnasium students become more effective and confident communicators when speaking the English language

This course will help you

Improve your cognitive abilities

Research has shown developing language skills improves short and long term memory. It also makes your brain stronger and more flexible.

Increase your confidence in speaking

When you learn to communicate ideas in a structured and impactful way, your confidence grows in English interactions.

Increase earning potential

Studies have shown that speaking a second or third language can help you earn between 5-20% more per hour than the base rate.

When I first met Jorge, I was very worried about the lessons. But after just a few minutes I realized that he is a very open and friendly person. Talking to him about many different things excites me from week to week. Again and again, you learn things that should actually be self-evident and are so important in life, but you either don’t pay attention to or value them. When Jorge talks about it, I immediately think about it and think, “Wow, he’s absolutely right about that.”
His manner makes him unique and very likable. Keep it up and inspire many more people with the English language, just like you did with me.

Tamino, 19

Understand and be understood

After completing this course you will:

  • structure your thoughts clearly
  • share relevant and reliable evidence to support your position
  • know which phrases to use in the right situations
  • discuss in an honest and logical way
  • be assertive in discussions
  • give convincing presentations

Course Breakdown:

  1. The power of a good discussion
  2. How to structure your ideas
  3. What counts as evidence?
  4. Phrases for discussions
  5. How to discuss fairly
  6. How to negotiate salary
  7. How to have effective meetings (brainstorming sessions)
  8. Role-playing and feedback + quizzes and homework activities

Jorge is an excellent English teacher. He is a positive person and this positivity also flows into the varied lessons. He is not only interested in the lessons but also in the people. His experience and knowledge are always a nice enrichment for me.

Charlotte, 18

Learn to discuss ideas clearly, persuasively, and confidently

Elevate your confidence, influence, and career prospects

In life, those who communicate ideas most effectively rise to the top.

Hi, my name is Jorge, better known as the Canadian. Helping business professionals in Germany improve their communication skills is my expertise. German business professionals have trusted me for over seven years to help them overcome shyness, speak clearly, and be more confident when speaking with international clients.

I decided to offer my services to Gymnasium students because they are the future of our economy. Those who take advantage of their opportunities at a young age will have more success in the future.

Communication is more than proper grammar; It’s about expressing what’s in your mind clearly and effectively. At the end of a conversation, discussion, or negotiation, the other party should walk away with the feeling that they know exactly what you wanted to say.

After hundreds of hours of discussions with business people in numerous fields, I understand how to share ideas that get people to think and take action. My focus is on the German market, so you can be sure that my expertise is relevant to your local situation.

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