Imagine you are at a restaurant with a potential client and he mentions to you that he’s been at the helm of a company for six years. His company experienced backlash after some belt-tightening, but he bit the bullet and his decisions bore fruit. You sit there with a blank stare on your face.

Open up to the business section in a newspaper or any business magazine, and you’ll surely come across lots of expressions and idioms that make the subject more descriptive.

Expressions like “flood the market” or “be in the driver’s seat” give us strong mental images. But it can be difficult to understand the precise meaning of some other expressions. For example, phrasal verbs (such as “drag on”, “pick up” or “lay off”) don’t have clues that help with understanding.

In this WhatsApp group you’ll learn the most important idioms that you’ll encounter in the business world. Because these expressions are used so frequently in spoken English, understanding how to use them will help you sound natural and avoid embarrassing situations like the one previously described.


What’s included?

  • Every day you’ll get 3 new phrases. Some days you’ll receive a list of 3 new business phrases with a definition and example. Your task will be to create your own sentences using these phrases properly and then send them to me in a written or audio message. I’ll make the necessary corrections and give you feedback. Other days you’ll receive 3 new phrases with 3 examples each. One example will be correct and the other 2 will be incorrect uses of the phrase. Your task will be to determine which is the correct form.
  • In order to repeat the learned phrases, we will do weekly Kahoot! challenges.
  • At the end of the 90 days you’ll receive my e-book of 280 Business Phrases + 9 exercise worksheets.
  • There will be a monthly contest to see who has mastered the phrases the best. 🏆 The winner will win a 30 minute Skype lesson with me. 🏆

How long is the challenge?

90 days. But you can also participate for 30 or 60 days.


1 euro a day

Contact me today to join the Master Business Phrases Challenge.