Course Outline

Staffing and Hiring Decisions

This module focused on the process of building a team. Particularly on the communication styles that are most effective in different situations. For example, when to use direct and indirect approaches.

Meeting Management

Effective business meetings require planning, leadership, and language skills and without these skills, meetings can be unproductive or even boring. Since the completion of this module, I am able to better plan and facilitate an effective meeting. Learning how to Summarize key points of an agenda and developing strategies to be better understood were the big takeaways.

Leading and Teaming

Interrupt with confidence, ask for clarification and get the answer you want; hold the floor and keep it: these are some of the skills I learned and applied in this module.

Planning, Organizing, and Delegating

Keeping the business or project running as projected requires planning. This requires information to be organized in convenient packages, like status reports and emails. Planning, Organizing, and Delegating focuses on the language of both. Since the completion of this module, I am able to use concise language to summarize key pieces of information into smaller packages.

Managing and Coaching

Facilitating employee success is a management skill that can be even more challenging when communicating in a second language. Ever since I completed Managing and Coaching, I am able to recognize the importance of active listening and use key phrases and language to facilitate the coaching and mentoring process.