Course Outline


In this module, I learned about the best ways to formulate questions that lead to positive results. For example, probing, yes/no and WH questions all serve different purposes when discussing budgets.


After I completed this module, I can better communicate what I need while collecting data, making analyses and forecasts. Through the use of storytelling, I can better explain charts and graphs. I also learned new strategies for staying calm and avoiding defensiveness when challenged.


Ever since I completed this module, I am able to follow a process and use the language for negotiating win-win solutions. I’m also able to recognize tricky ethical situations.


Since the completion of this module, I’m able to recognize 5 types of power, influence positive interactions, and find words that carry the tone of my intended meaning. This helps me communicate my wishes effectively during an audit.


After completing this module, I was able to use reading strategies for quickly finding and comprehending the information and vocabulary I need–even from difficult texts.