This is what’s included in the 4 hour package:

  • 4 hours of instruction per day
    • A mix of small talk, icebreakers, Business English instruction and interactive learning games
  • 5 days of instruction
    • Final 2 days are free to travel and explore
  • Outdoor activities (hiking/cycling/swimming) with teacher in English after lessons*
    • Practice English while engaging in physical activity
    • Cost of rental bike not included
  • Evening drink/meal with teacher in English*
    • Practice Travel English in a more relaxed environment with your fellow participants
    • Cost of drinks and meals not included
  • Maximum group size 4 people
    • This allows for a more personalized learning experience
  • All material provided
    • Included in the price
  • Access to online course “50 Most Common Mistakes Germans Make in English”

*Optional (You can participate in the after-lesson group activities or choose to go off on your own)

Please note:

  • Flights and transfer are not included
    • We will offer you tips and recommendations for possible flights
  • Cost of accommodations is extra
    • Stay in an AirBnb house with the other participants and teacher. This will allow you to fully immerse yourself into speaking and listening to the English language all day long.
    • Cost of accommodations is calculated depending on the location and number of participants
    • You can estimate to spend between 200-350€ for 7 days
    • Example of a home in Malta
    • Example of a home in Kefalonia, Greece

Special Offer

  • Travel with a friend and you each receive 50€ off.