Speak and have others listen

We all know that being persuasive is a valuable skill in business. But what exactly does it take to be more persuasive? If you want to improve your persuasion powers, here are a few tips.

Make a list of the points you want to make

Brainstorming can be an extremely useful mental exercise, particularly when organizing your thoughts and ideas. Starting with a list can help you achieve clarity on what is most important and how best to present your points. Making the list is an easy first step to set you up for more successful conversations and presentations. Not only will it save you time, but it may also heighten your confidence as you are able to refer to—and check off—each item along the way.

Find evidence to support your points

Having evidence to back it up is essential when trying to make a point or convince someone of an opinion. Gathering evidence can be as simple as researching from reliable sources, asking professionals in the subject area, or collecting first-hand information through interviewing. Not only does supporting data give you more credibility in your argumentation, but it provides readers and listeners with clarity about your stance or view. Having robust evidence also gives others a better understanding of the issue and encourages further discussion and reflection. Of course, don’t be afraid to go out there and make your case — make sure to double-check that you’ve got the facts by your side.

Use strong language that is clear and concise

It’s a tricky balance, but one that can be mastered with practice: how to get your point across in the clearest and most impactful way. And the answer is simple; powerful language. Choosing words that carry weight and convey meaning with precision will ensure your message resonates and is remembered. Crafting concise statements within those words is crucial, for brevity gives power to that language and allows it to take flight. Strong language has the potential to captivate and mesmerize audiences, so why not use it to put across your idea in its best light?

Be confident in what you are saying

Confidence is one of the most essential qualities on which we can draw. Regardless of how much or little knowledge we might have on a subject, having conviction in our words and being comfortable expressing them can make all the difference. Confidence can help people believe in your opinion or understanding and encourage them to listen. It’s a potent tool that everyone should work to unlock – and once it’s unlocked, don’t forget to use it for the betterment of your communication!

Practice what you are going to say ahead of time

Preparing ahead of time is essential for an important speech or presentation. Nerves can get the best of even the most experienced public speaker, so reviewing your notes and mentally rehearsing the words you plan to say are tried and true techniques that will help you stay on track and keep calm while speaking. Taking a few moments ahead of time to anticipate anything that could throw you off balance can also prove helpful. Doing all these things reduces the likelihood of getting yourself in a sticky situation where your brain stops working and your mouth won’t cooperate!

Speak slowly and clearly

We know what it’s like to not be understood because someone was speaking too quickly. Speaking slowly and clearly might seem silly, but it can make all the difference in conveying what you want to say. It’s vital to take the time to speak at a comfortable rate and enunciate so that others can understand you better. This doesn’t mean talking like a robot! You can still add emotion and inflection — just don’t rush your words. Slow and clear always wins the race!


If you want to be more persuasive, follow the tips above. You’ll see a difference in how people respond to you when you start using strong, clear language and speaking with confidence. If you want to further hone your skills, consider taking my course Speaking Mastery. In this course, I’ll share everything I know about persuasion so that you can take your communication skills to the next level. With these tools at your disposal, there’s no limit to what you can achieve.

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