Does this affect you?

If you’re a business professional who’s ever felt insecure about your accent, this post is for you. We’ll explore some reasons people feel insecure about their accents and offer some practical tips for overcoming that insecurity. Whether you want to improve your communication at work or personal life, read on for some helpful advice.

Identify the situations in which you feel most insecure about your accent

One of the most uncomfortable situations many people face regarding their accents is when they’re in work-related settings with people from different countries. Whenever they join a meeting, present a business proposal, or talk to someone from outside their country, their insecurity multiplies exponentially. Most of the time, they feel like people are judging them for how they pronounce certain words and constantly monitoring if there’s something other than what they’re used to listening to. These work situations make them feel they need to work harder to be understood by their peers outside their home country.

Can you relate to that?

Make a list of the people whose opinions matter to you the most

Everyone has people in their life whose opinion matters more than others, and, for me, it’s a list that includes my parents and close friends. Their opinions carry weight because I value them as mentors and confidants. They have always been patient enough to provide me with valuable advice rooted in understanding and wisdom. It’s immensely helpful to have these people around as they keep me grounded and push me further when needed. For others, it might be a partner or even old colleagues – whatever the list may include, I’m sure we all are fortunate to have such important people in our lives!

Practice speaking in front of a mirror or with a friend to gain confidence

Practicing speaking in front of a mirror or with a friend can be a great confidence booster, especially if accent is an area you want to work on. Don’t be afraid to over-enunciate and make mistakes. The more comfortable you are with saying words incorrectly, the more fluid your accent will roll off your tongue. Be brave and take those all-important speech practice steps – don’t worry if things don’t go perfectly the first time; before long, you’ll find that your accent is much improved, along with your confidence!

When I was learning German, I would break down words into individual sounds and try to replicate those sounds. Ex. Take the word ‘Schadenfreude.’ You can break it into 4 parts. Scha/den/freu/de. I repeated the word until my pronunciation got closer to the original. My pronunciation today is still not perfect, and that’s ok. But at least people understand me better than they did at first.

Try to relax and be yourself when speaking – don’t focus on perfection

One of the hardest things to do when speaking is to relax and be ourselves. We all tend to get overly focused on ensuring every word is perfect, but rarely does it turn out that way! Instead of worrying about accentuating every detail and accent, try embracing our natural spoken qualities. Being yourself always comes off better than straining for perfection anyways – we humans are a mess of contradictions and surprises after all! So don’t stress – just speak.

Embrace your accent as part of your identity, and be proud of it!

Accents can often make us feel insecure in conversations as if people can’t understand us. But embracing your accent is important to growing up and understanding who you are. It’s a part of our identity that we can’t change – though not necessarily something that needs changing. We should be proud of the uniqueness it brings to our lives, as it’s an essential part of deciphering where we come from and how we communicate with those around us. So, no more anxieties over sounding like anyone else – embrace your accent and be proud of who you are!


You’re not alone if you’re struggling with insecurity about your accent. But you can do some things to gain confidence and feel more comfortable speaking. By following the tips in this blog post, you’ll be on your way to becoming a confident communicator. And if you want some extra help, take my course Speaking Mastery. It’s packed with practical tips and exercises to help you build confidence and communication skills. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today!

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