Traps to avoid

Jorge: What are the biggest obstacles to productivity?

Julie: We touched on that there basically is getting distracted, isn’t it? So losing your focus or being distracted is quite easy to start off your week and to look at all the things you want to catch up on or get caught up on all the small tasks that either might be easier or more fun or yeah, just less taxing. So don’t get distracted by the little tasks, really focus on the bigger and more important tasks and really focus your time and energy on them, move the smaller things to later in the day or later in the week. That’s really important. So for me, I schedule a lot of my creative work and content creation on a Monday and I leave, you know, paperwork administration to Friday when I don’t have the same level of energy. So really making sure that you focus on things and remove all those blocks, don’t get caught up with colleagues and chat if you’re in an office setting or you’re in a student setting, really make sure you don’t get caught up in those chit chats and cats up, move them a little bit as well, really focus that time. Really harness this Monday morning,

Jorge: That’s great.

Julie: And I’d also say try and resist multitasking. I don’t know how many tabs you have open at the moment, I have quite a few at the top of my computer at the moment, but it’s quite easy, you got 4, I’ve got 12 at the moment, so it can be very easy to, you know, have your Facebook open or messenger or you know something that you’re researching or maybe you’ve got a bit of you know shopping up there or something. It’s very easy to get distracted. So turn off notifications, turn off and close those tabs really focus on what you’re doing. And avoid that multitasking.

Jorge: Yeah I would agree. I have a problem with getting distracted because I will start a task but then when I’m not inspired, okay let me check something else, distract my mind for a couple of seconds and then come back to it. But then I need more time to get back into it. Very ineffective, very ineffective

Julie: And it’s those breaks that really reduce our productivity. So if you’re in an office setting and people keep interrupting you then it takes you longer to get back into the flow. And there’s great statistics about just how much time you lose. I think it’s something ridiculous like equivalent like a day per week you lose just by time out chatting or being interrupted and then trying to get back in the zone so you know really be aware of that. Find a quiet space, put your phone in a different room, close those tabs, just focus on what you’re doing, you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve when you are more focused and less distracted.

Julie is a successful Certified Life Coach. She runs regular seminars and courses and speaks at international events.
With over 25 years of experience, her Psychology background, years of experience in mental health services supporting women and with her own personal experiences, she’s gained empathy, compassion and understanding of the struggles women face. She’s passionate about sharing her skills, knowledge and tools and helping people transform their lives.

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