When is it time to stop?

Jorge: Sometimes we want to pursue certain goals and projects, but when is it the time to say no more? When should I stop?

Julie: I think, if you’re honest with yourself, if we talk about that, taking reflection time, if you’re honest with yourself that, you know, this really you’ve done everything you can do in it, or it no longer really lights you up and brings you joy, then it’s okay to stop, you know, we work for a long time or we work on things for a long time, but throughout our lives we grow and change and develop. Most of us are continually developing and growing and we go through different phases in our lives, we go on quite a journey in our lives and so often what we enjoy or what we like, changes, it probably should change maybe some things that are a continual threat in our lives, I’m always gonna love music or something like that, but for maybe, you know, made us feel really fired up in our twenties might be very different in our thirties or forties or fifties, so it’s okay to revalue.

Is this still something that’s important to me? Is this something I feel passionate about? Is this something that fits in with my goals or the life that I wish to lead?

Julie Leonard

Am I doing something out of habits? You know, am I doing out of loyalty? Am I doing it because I feel like I can’t say no to this, or I can’t stop, really ask yourself those kind of questions and not be afraid to say it’s okay to stop doing something and to change direction to something that might just be a subtle shift in what you do, might be, like you’re saying maybe you want to work with younger people or something like that, or maybe that’s just you no longer enjoy that kind of work and you want to do something more creative perhaps or something. So it’s okay to question it and to say I’ve come as far as I can or I feel that this is a great place to stop or that’s no longer makes me feel energized and raring to go on a Monday morning and I want to do something else.

Jorge: Yeah, what I like to remind people is just how short our life on this planet is and every day counts. So if you see that you are spending extended periods of time under heavy stress, unhappy, unsatisfied. Ask yourself if that’s what you want to continue because it’s your life and it’s just one. So at least ask the question and then maybe you’ll make some drastic changes or small changes or no changes and then change the way you think about your circumstances that might also be an option but something needs to change.

Julie: I think that’s really important to remember that so much of your life is in your control. I think we often feel out of control that life is happening to us rather than that we are in the driving seat. And like you said, there might be some things that you can’t change, but you can change how you respond to them, but so much in our control that we can change and everything’s a choice. Whether it’s an easy choice, a big choice or scary choice. you’re allowed to make choices and you’re allowed to decide the direction of your life.

Jorge: I like that. What is it you’re the architect of your destiny? I think that’s what it is. Don’t forget that. Thank you. Thank you, Julie.

Julie is a successful Certified Life Coach. She runs regular seminars and courses and speaks at international events.
With over 25 years of experience, her Psychology background, years of experience in mental health services supporting women and with her own personal experiences, she’s gained empathy, compassion and understanding of the struggles women face. She’s passionate about sharing her skills, knowledge and tools and helping people transform their lives.

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