The art of public speaking

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a great public speaker? Is it the ability to command a room, or is there something more to it? As it turns out, several qualities make someone a great public speaker. From having confidence in your abilities to connecting with your audience, here are some things you need to excel at to be a great public speaker.

The ability to engage with an audience

Engaging with an audience is one of the most essential skills a person can have in life. Whether you are a teacher, a TV presenter, an actor or even just a friend, connecting and communicating with those around you is essential. Being able to capture attention, explain yourself clearly and foster mutual respect will widen the doors to opportunities across many different aspects of life. Learning these techniques takes practice and experimentation; only some find it easy to navigate social arenas. However, with some skill and a dose of confidence, engaging with an audience can open up possibilities for anybody willing to take them. A good listener who knows how to hold people’s interest can be invaluable wherever they go. Taking the time to develop this talent actively will boost your self-esteem and increase your chances of success. So put yourself out there – what could be more inspiring than that? With effort and courage, you too can learn the craft of engaging with an audience.

The ability to be clear and concise

Being able to communicate clearly and concisely is an essential life skill. We live in a world of information overload, where it can be difficult for our ideas to stand out from the crowd. The ability to be clear and concise allows us to communicate our message efficiently without burying our points beneath overly complicated language or unnecessary syllables. As more of our work becomes online and performed individually, having the ability to express ourselves effectively becomes increasingly important. Learning how to make each word count gives us the confidence we need to make our voices heard. Clear communication also eliminates confusion, leaving no room for misinterpretation. With practice, anyone can learn this invaluable communication component, adding an invaluable layer to their written and spoken words. The ability to be clear and concise is a gift that continues giving long after the words have been spoken. Embrace its power and use it well! ​​​​​​

The Canadian Tip: Use the PREP Framework to communicate your ideas.

The ability to be passionate about the topic

One of the most powerful traits a public speaker can have is the ability to be passionate about their topic. Whether speaking in front of five people or 500, passion and enthusiasm for what you’re saying will engage listeners and help convince them of your perspective. When speakers are empowered by their own intensity, there is no telling how much they can do. It imbues public speaking with an energy that can captivate audiences, arousing feelings and emotions that open hearts and minds. But beyond simply enticing the public, the more passion speakers demonstrate, the more they inspire others. They revolutionize ideas, reach out to people with motivation, and boldly share knowledge that changes lives and shapes the future. This is why having a passionate attitude when public speaking is so valuable–it makes people believe in you and believe in themselves. In many ways, it establishes a connection between speaker and audience that tells everyone this is something we should care about. Therefore, public speakers should never underestimate the impact of showing genuine commitment to their words – it can be life-changing!

Is there a topic you’re passionate about? For me, it’s the importance of bilingual education for children. I talk about it every chance I get. There are people who have taken this advice and started using a second language with their child even though they’re not native speakers of that language. Have you considered raising your child bilingual? I highly recommend it.

The ability to connect with the audience on a personal level

True public speaking is something special – it’s an art form that has the potential to captivate, influence, and inspire both small and large audiences. One of the most critical elements of public speaking is the ability to connect with your audience on a personal level. A skilled public speaker can achieve this by taking the time before their presentation to get to know their audience members, understand their perspectives, and turn this knowledge into moments of emotional connection during their speech. When done right, public speakers can make their audience feel seen, valued, and understood – transforming dry facts into engaging stories with emotion at the heart of them. Public speaking isn’t just about entertaining – it’s also a powerful tool for making emotional connections that have a lasting impact on those present. When you have an intimate understanding of your public’s life experience, you gain the ability to move people with inspiration and encouragement as you deliver your message. It’s one thing to tell a story – but it’s entirely different when you’re able to make your public feel like part of the story itself. So never underestimate the power of connecting with your audience on a personal level – it will elevate everything from your talks to memorable events that have a profound impact.

Can you share a story with your audience that shows how you overcame an obstacle? By showing the ups and downs of your journey, you might inspire others to face their fears.

The ability to keep the audience’s attention

Whether you are speaking to a small audience or a large one, public speaking can be a nerve-wracking experience. Everyone wants to look and sound their best when they take the stage, but one of the most difficult challenges is keeping your audience’s attention. From fidgeting and distraction to people leaving the room during your speech, staying focused is an art form that takes time and practice to master. To be successful, public speakers must hone their skills—from interacting with the crowd and using body language to controlling their pacing so there is never an awkward lull in the conversation. Speaking with enthusiasm, confidence and clarity can also increase engagement by creating an atmosphere of excitement around a topic. Lastly, public speakers should strive for dynamism by mixing visual elements such as images or video content throughout their presentation. All of these techniques combined can help public speakers keep the audience’s attention during each second on stage. Doing so will not only add impact to their message but also ensure it gets heard.


Keep people interested in what you have to say #communicationtips

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The ability to answer questions clearly and effectively

Being able to answer questions clearly and effectively is a key skill for everyone—whether you’re public speaking, interviewing, or just engaging in daily conversations. It can give you a great feeling of accomplishment and confidence as you can articulate your thoughts in the most efficient manner possible. Answering questions confidently clarifies your message and demonstrates that you are knowledgeable and well-informed. The ability to provide answers quickly and accurately reflects an organized mind and signals mental agility. Plus, the better you become at answering questions, the more likely it is that people will listen to what you have to say. With practice and patience, anyone can master this skill and reap its rewards! Whether it’s public speaking or discussing ideas with friends, answering questions clearly and effectively is a fantastic tool for gaining respect and ensuring your words are heard.

When answering questions, make sure you only answer what is being asked and that you don’t go on tangents about something else. Remember, concise and to the point.


If you want to improve your public speaking, I recommend taking my Speaking Mastery course. In this course, I teach participants the skills they need to engage with their audience, be clear and concise, and connect with them on a personal level. The course is designed to help people feel more confident when giving presentations or speeches, and it also includes a module on how to discuss ideas clearly. I believe anyone can become a great public speaker with the right training and practice. I hope you will join me in my upcoming Speaking Mastery course. Thank you for reading!

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