A story about how I helped a student of mine prepare for a salary negotiation.

English Level: B1 🇨🇦

Full Transcript

Hans was in the middle of a salary negotiation with his boss.

He asked for a 20% increase in pay, but the boss was only willing to give 6%. Hans tried to explain that he was worth more, given all the new certifications and training he’d done, but the boss wasn’t budging.

That’s when Hans dropped a bomb: he told his boss another company had offered him a job. The boss’s face changed complexion. The negotiation got a bit tense but remained respectful, which helped Hans get what he wanted. In the end, he got a 12% increase in pay.

This is the story of one of my students. Salary negotiations can be stressful, but with preparation and practice, you can walk in confidently, knowing what you want. As a communication coach, I can help you prepare for your next negotiation. Contact me for more details.


  1. Salary negotiation: Gehaltsverhandlung
  2. Increase (verb): Erhöhung
  3. Worth (adj.): wert
  4. Complexion (noun): Teint
  5. Tense (adj.): angespannt
  6. Preparation (noun): Vorbereitung
  7. Confidently (adv.): zuversichtlich


  1. To be willing: ready, eager, or prepared to do something.
  2. To budge: change or make (someone) change an opinion.
  3. To drop a bomb: to do or say something that is very shocking and unexpected.

Question to consider

How did your last salary negotiation go?


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