The story of a man called off to war

English Level: B1 🇨🇦

Full Transcript

Jorge had been called to go off to war.

It was a daunting task, and he was apprehensive about it. He wondered what he would be doing in the war, and if he could survive.

He met an old knight who told him that he needed to face his fears head-on. The knight said that if Jorge could do that, he would be able to succeed in anything he did.

Jorge was inspired by the knight’s words, and prepared for the long journey.

He faced his fears directly, and found that he was able to overcome them. This gave him the courage he needed to fight in the war, and he emerged victorious.

Most of us will never face such a task in our lives, but we face other battles. A new job, an important presentation, or a contract negotiation. The only way to deal with our fears is to walk forward bravely.


  1. Daunting (adj.): entmutigend
  2. Apprehensive (adj.): ängstlich
  3. Survive (verb): überleben
  4. Overcome (verb): etw. überwinden
  5. Courage (noun): Mut
  6. Emerge (verb): sich abzeichnen
  7. Victorious (adj.): siegreich
  8. Bravely (adv.): mutig


  1. Head-on: directly confrontational.
  2. To face something: confront and deal with or accept a difficult or unpleasant task, fact, or situation.
  3. Deal with: When you deal with something or someone that needs attention, you give your attention to them, and often solve a problem or make a decision concerning them.

Question to consider

What is your greatest fear?


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