The story of an Olympic champion

English Level: B1 🇨🇦

Full Transcript

Mira was a great swimmer. She had always loved swimming and worked hard to become one of the best swimmers in the world. But as she got closer to the Olympics, she started to feel guilty. Her friends weren’t as good at swimming as she was and seemed to be holding her back. So Mira began to swim more slowly when she was with them so that they could keep up.

But this made Mira start losing races. She wasn’t doing as well in competitions as she used to, which was frustrating.

Finally, after a few disappointing losses, Mira sat down and talked with her coach about what was going on. He helped her see that if she wanted to achieve her dream of winning a gold medal, she needed to train with other Olympian swimmers. Only by competing against the best could she hope to become the best herself.

And so Mira started training with other top-level athletes. It was tough work, but eventually, she began winning again. And in the Olympic finals, against some of the toughest competition in the world, Mira came out on top – becoming an Olympic champion!

We may not be Olympic champions, but we all have friends and family. There’s a phrase that goes, “tell me who you’re with, and I’ll tell you who you are.” Surround yourself with positive and self-motivated people who elevate you. To do the opposite will have negative consequences on your life and career.


  1. Guilty (adj.): schuldig
  2. Disappointing (adj.): enttäuschend
  3. Compete (verb): konkurrieren
  4. Tough (adj.): schwierig
  5. Elevate (verb): erheben


  1. Hold someone back: prevent or restrict the progress or development of someone or something.
  2. Keep up: move or progress at the same rate as someone or something else.
  3. Come out on top: to win a competition, argument, election, etc.

Question to consider

Who are the people in your life that elevate you?


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