The story of an astronaut lost in space

English Level: B1 🇨🇦

Full Transcript

Suddenly, his radio crackled to life.

“Jorge, can you hear me?” It was his commander. Jorge quickly replied, “Yes! I’m here!”

This space mission was like no other. It was the first human-manned mission to Mars. Everything went according to plan until he made it into space. That’s when he lost communication.

Jorge was feeling anxious. He had been on this space mission for weeks and felt lost. He wasn’t sure where he was or how to get back to Earth.

That’s when the light next to the radio turned red.

“Jorge, can you hear me?”

Jorge’s heart jumped. “Yes, yes! I’m here!”

The commander gave him directions on how to return home. With this information in hand, Jorge set out into the unknown, hoping to make it back safely.

99% of us will probably never make it into space, but communication is just as important here on Earth. Unfortunately, many of our conversations are confusing and make us feel lost because the communication is unclear. Avoid this mistake by organizing your thoughts and expressing only what’s necessary.

I’ve trained dozens of business professionals in proper communication, and I’m confident I can do the same for you. Contact me today for more details.


  1. According to (preposition): nach, gemäß
  2. Anxious (adj.): besorgt
  3. Confusing (adj.): verwirrend
  4. Necessary (adj.): erforderlich


  1. Manned: carrying, staffed, or performed by one or more people.
  2. Heart jumped: used for saying that someone suddenly feels excited, nervous, or afraid.
  3. Into the unknown: a place, situation, or thing that is not known about or understood

Question to consider

Have you ever been in a situation where miscommunication lead to negative results?


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