Are you a chicken or an eagle?

English Level: B1 🇨🇦

Full Transcript

Are you a chicken or an eagle?

Back on a little farm in Canada lived an eagle raised by chickens. We don’t know the details, but we can assume his mother abandoned him.

Every day he went out to peck around the yard with his siblings. Peck peck peck. “Hey, I found a good spot over here” and they all scurried in that direction. 

One day, an older eagle flew over the farm and saw the strangest thing. “An eagle pecking around a yard like a chicken? I gotta see this!” Lo and behold his eyes had not deceived him. It was an eagle pretending to be a chicken. 

He called out to the peculiar eagle, “hey youngin, you know you ain’t a chicken eh?”

“wutchu mean bro? Of course I’m a chicken! always been, always will be!”

“nah, let me show you. Come with me!”

So the peculiar eagle followed the older eagle to a field nearby. “Extend your wings and flap them like this.” Flap flap flap. The younger eagle did as instructed. He got 2 feet off the ground and panicked. Tumble tumble tumble. He fell on his face. “Why’d you tell me to do that, eh? Now my face hurts!”

“Do it again!” Same result. Now the younger eagle was furious. He wobbled back to the farm in protest. 

The next day the old eagle was back. “Whutchu doing back here, bro? I told you I was a chicken. Always been, always will be.” 

“Come with me!” This time he took the peculiar eagle to meet his eagle family. “We are all eagles. We belong in the sky. You may not believe it today, but you can fly.” 

They walked up the side of a mountain, and when they reached the summit, the older eagle told him, “jump!” 

“Are you serious? I’m gonna die!” 

“Jump! I’ll be next to you if anything goes wrong.”

The young eagle peered over the edge and almost had a heart attack. Despite his fears, something told him to trust the old eagle. He extended his wings, closed his eyes, and jumped.

Again, I repeat my original question: Are you a chicken or an eagle?

Vocabulary Words

  1. Abandon (verb): jdn. stehen lassen
  2. Peck (verb): etw. picken
  3. Scurry (verb): hasten
  4. Pretend (verb): so tun, als ob
  5. Peculiar (adj.): seltsam
  6. Panic (verb): in Panik geraten
  7. Furious (adj.): wütend
  8. Wobble (verb): wackeln

Phrases to Remember

  1. Lo and behold: used to present a new scene, situation, or turn of events, often with the suggestion that, though surprising, it could in fact have been predicted.
  2. Peer over: To glance, look, or stare out over the top of something.

Question to Consider

Are you a chicken or an eagle?


Are you a chicken or an eagle?

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