On this episode, I chat with an English childcare worker from the Philippines about the differences between German and Asian children. 

English Level: B1 🇵🇭🇨🇦

Show Notes:

  1. Introduction (0:21) 
  2. Jorie’s culture shock in Germany (1:42)
  3. Why Jorie came to Germany (3:58)
  4. Differences between Asian and German children (6:42)
  5. Pros and cons of working with Asian children (10:04)
  6. What Jorie has noticed in German children (12:00)
  7. How children learn English in Asia and Germany (17:03)
  8. How Jorie will raise her own children (21:40)
  9. Final tip for parents (25:00)
  10. How to connect with Jorie (27:03)

Vocabulary Words:

  1. To be offended (adj.): beleidigt
  2. To venture (verb): etw. riskieren
  3. To obey (verb): (jdm.) gehorchen
  4. To acknowledge (verb): (etw.) anerkennen
  5. To reflect (verb): sich besinnen
  6. To foster (verb): fördern

Phrases to Remember:

  1. To be straightforward: (of a person) honest and frank.
  2. To speak up: express one’s opinions frankly and openly.
  3. Tip of my tongue: Ready to utter something but unable to remember it at the moment.
  4. To be rattled: make (someone) nervous, worried, or irritated.
  5. to tweak something: improve (a mechanism or system) by making fine adjustments to it.
  6. bottom line: the fundamental and most important factor.
  7. to boil down to: to be the main or most important result of something
  8. to pique someone’s curiosity: If something piques your interest or curiosity, it makes you interested or curious.
  9. tiger mom: a strict or demanding mother who pushes her child or children to high levels of achievement, especially by using methods regarded as typical of child-rearing in China and other parts of East Asia

Mistake to Avoid:

  • (incorrect use of the plural) a different method NOT methods (29:20)

Comprehension Questions:

  1. Where has Jorie worked?
  2. What was Jorie’s biggest culture shock?
  3. Where does Jorie live?
  4. What motivates Asian children?
  5. What is one of the challenges Asian children face?
  6. What are the pros of children who question things?
  7. What did Jorie do to make her English lesson more engaging?


Question to consider:

What type of parenting style did your parents use? (i.e. laissez-faire and/or strict)


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