I share a personal story of how I overcame my sugar addiction

English Level: B1 🇨🇦

Full Transcript

I am a sugar addict. Put something sweet in front of me, and it’s gone before you can say, “bitte schön”. 

The problem is that sugar has many downsides. A higher risk of heart disease, diabetes, and even cancer. But the one consequence of eating too much sugar that directly affected my life was depression. Whenever I felt down, I would reach for a box of cookies. I thought it was helping me, but it was only making me fall deeper into my negative thoughts and feelings. 

I knew I had to change something so I went on a sugar fast. By using methods I learned online I was successful. Here’s what I did:

  1. I no longer store any sweet treats at home. Will power is limited so by not having cookies in my house, the risk of falling into temptation is lowered. 
  2. Whenever my sugar craving is too much to handle I eat some dates or a slice of toast with honey. 
  3. I track my progress on an app called TickTick. Keeping a streak is a good way to stay motivated to continue a habit. 

Results: I lost weight, I feel happier, have more energy and focus.

I know you’re all wondering if I still don’t eat sugar, and the answer is NO. If someone offers me a piece of cake at a party I will eat it, but sugar no longer controls my life as it did in the past. And that to me is what freedom feels like. 

Vocabulary Words

  1. addict (noun): Süchtiger
  2. downside (noun): Nachteil 
  3. affect (verb): beeinträchtigen
  4. to fast (verb): fasten
  5. to store (verb): lagern
  6. willpower (noun): Willenskraft
  7. streak (noun): Serie

Phrases to Remember

  1. fall deeper into: completely involved in doing something, especially so that you do not notice things happening around you.
  2. fall to temptation: to allow oneself to be deceived by (a lie, trick, etc.)
  3. too much to handle: überwältigend

Learning Tip

Reduce your sugar consumption by tracking your progress, replacing it with healthier alternatives and by eliminating sweets from your home.

Question to consider

Do you control your sugar consumption or does sugar control you?


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