On this episode, I chat with an English teacher about language apps and accents. 

English Level: B2 🇯🇲🇨🇦

Show Notes:

  1. Introduction (0:21)
  2. A teacher’s experience with language apps – (01:41)
  3. Why we have to be cautious of unreasonable expectations and the advertisement of language apps – (05:00)
  4. The limitations of language apps when it comes to real-life communication (07:00)
  5. The importance of the relational aspect of language learning (09:00)
  6. How to use language apps effectively (12:12)
  7. How the “perfect imperfection model” can help you to enjoy your learning process (22:00)     
  8. The importance of learning an international standard of English in order to understand different types of accents (24:50)
  9. Find Ian’s podcast and teaching services online (31:17)
  10. Outro (35:19)

Vocabulary Words:

  1. Downfalls (noun) – Verhängnisse, Untergang
  2. manifold (adj.) – vielfältig
  3. substitute (noun) – Ersatz
  4. supplement (noun) – Ergänzung
  5. embark on sth. (verb) –  etw. beginnen
  6. rigid (adj.) – starr, streng, strikt
  7. orator (noun) – Redner
  8. fool yourself (verb) – sich täuschen, sich selbst etwas vormachen

Phrases to Remember:

  1. embark on a journey –  By extension, to begin any course of action.
  2. To lose sight of something – To forget about or neglect to focus on something. Ex. to forget why you want to learn the language.
  3. To get kicked – [ugs.] herausfliegen, entlassen werden
  4. Freeze up – To become tense, scared, and unable to do something.
  5. Miss the mark – To be slightly or somewhat mistaken, incorrect, or inaccurate. To succeed/fail in achieving or guessing something
  6. To be in the same boat – be in the same difficult position or situation as somebody else
  7. Storm out (of some place) – to leave or exit (some place) in a very angry, animated manner.

Mistake to Avoid:

Comprehension Questions:

  1. What does Ian say about language apps?
  2. What is Ian’s slogan on his podcast to encourage his learners?
  3. Since when has Ian been working as an English teacher?
  4. What is Ian’s summary of what language apps are good for?
  5. Many of Ian’s students are traumatized by something they experienced in the German school system. What is it?
  6. What is the question you should ask yourself as a trainer?
  7. Ian summarizes the advantages of language apps at the end of the interview. Which of the following aspects does he NOT mention?

Language apps are good:

  • a) as a supplement
  • b) for gamification purposes
  • c) to practice speaking with a native speaker
  • d) because they are easily accessible


Question to consider:

Have you learned to embrace your English accent or do you feel ashamed of it? Why or why not?


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Ian Antonio Patterson – host and producer of the English Coach Podcast, presents as an Independent Education Entrepreneur. Language trainer, coach, and creator – whose works enhance the contextual adult learning experience with rich media – and the backing of various formal and self-taught faculties.

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