On this episode, I chat with a friend about opening the door to new opportunities. 

English Level: B2 🇺🇸🇨🇦

Show Notes:

  1. Introduction (0:21)
  2. What does it mean to open the door? (1:26)
  3. A story about serendipity (02:45)
  4. Small changes and little things as a way to open the door (05:18) 
  5. Meghan’s story of how she opened a door at Oktoberfest in Munich (09:10)
  6.  Jorge’s and Meghan’s experiences in university (12:20) 
  7. Cultural challenges (14:20)
  8. The necessity of opening and closing doors (17:00)
  9. The story of how Meghan met her husband (21:08)
  10. Conclusion of what opening the door is all about (27:33)
  11. Audience question (29:49)

Vocabulary Words:

  1. Heaviness (noun)- Schweregefühl
  2. Serendipity(noun) – glücklicher Zufall, Fügung
  3. Intern / internship (noun) – Praktikant / Praktikum
  4. Risk averse (adj) – risikoscheu
  5. Spouse (noun) – Ehepartner
  6. Nuance (noun) – Nuance, Abstufung
  7. Racks (noun) – Regale
  8. scaffolding (noun) – Baugerüste, Gerüst
  9. solidarity (noun) – Solidarität, Verbundenheit
  10. inside joke [noun) – ein Scherz zwischen zwei oder mehreren Personen, den Außenstehende nicht verstehen (Deutsch umgangssprachlich: Insider Witz)

Phrases to Remember:

  1. release tension – to relax
  2. to open up to someone – If someone opens up, they start to say exactly what they think or feel.
  3. to fit the mold – to fit into the picture of something
  4. test the waters – If you test the water or test the waters, you try to find out what reaction an action or idea will get before you do it or tell it to people. 
  5. to check things off – When you check things off, you check or count them while referring to a list of them, to make sure you have considered all of them.
  6. To slow down – If someone slows down or if something slows them down, they become less active.
  7. To break the ice – to relieve shyness or reserve, esp between strangers

Mistake to Avoid:

Comprehension Questions:

  1. What story does Jorge tell about how serendipity played a role?
  2. With how many children did Jorge’s parents come to Canada?
  3. What does Meghan consider to be part of opening the door?
  4. What did Meghan do when she came to Germany?
  5. What was the result of Meghan’s internship in Germany?
  6. What did Jorge first study when he entered university?
  7. What is the pressure that Jorge has observed since being in Germany?
  8. What are the two ways that opening the door can be understood?
  9. With what feeling did Jorge come back from Costa Rica?
  10. Where did Meghan meet her husband?
  11.  What is Meghan’s final thought on opening the door?


Audience Question:

What is your favorite country you’ve visited?

Question to consider:

What is a goal you’d like to pursue or a skill you’d like to develop? What’s stopping you?


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