On this episode, I chat with a friend about his home region – Basque Country. 

English Level: B1 🇪🇸🇨🇦

Show Notes:

  1. Introduction (0:21)
  2. History of the Basque Country (0:58)
  3. Food culture – Pintxos (9:47)
  4. Best places to visit in the Basque Country (12:50)
  5. Is it expensive to visit the Basque Country? (16:21)
  6. What is the weather like? (17:04)
  7. What keeps you in your hometown? (18:50)
  8. Where can we find you on social media? (19:52)
  9. Audience question (20:56)

Vocabulary Words:

  1. Connection (noun): Verbindung
  2. Roots (noun): Ursprung
  3. Resistance (noun): Widerstand
  4. Tension (noun): Spannung
  5. Law (noun): Gesetz
  6. To resolve (verb): etw. lösen
  7. To gather (verb): etw. sammeln

Phrases to Remember:

  1. to go out: leave one’s home to go to a social event.
  2. to get mad (the sea): angry (USA)
  3. take for granted: fail to properly appreciate (someone or something), especially as a result of overfamiliarity.
  4. good mood: If you are in a good mood, you feel cheerful. If you are in a bad mood, you feel angry and impatient.

Mistake to Avoid:

Comprehension Questions:

  1. (True or False) The Basque language is older than Indo-European languages.
  2. Which two countries have languages that might be connected to the Basque language?
  3. The Basque Country is divided between which two countries?
  4. When was the last terrorist act committed by Basque nationalists?
  5. What is the profession that Basque people are known for?
  6. Where did Basque men go to escape home life?
  7. Which mountain does Edu recommend for tourists to climb?
  8. (True or False) Basque Country is more expensive than the south of Spain.
  9. When does Edu say someone should visit?


Audience Question:

What is paradise for you?

Question to consider:

Do you think regional languages should be protected or should we focus on a national language that everyone speaks?


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