Episode Summary: I talk with a world traveler about his two years in Tunisia and about going outside of our comfort zone.

English Level: B1 🇭🇳🇨🇦

Show Notes:

  1. Samson Introduction (0:52)
  2. How did you end up in Tunisia? (2:25)
  3. Were you nervous on your flight to Tunisia? (3:39)
  4. What did you know about Tunisia before you got there? (5:52)
  5. What surprised you about Tunisia? (7:09)
  6. What were some of the challenges of living in Tunisia? (8:43)
  7. Did you ever have a moment where you thought you’d never understand the people? (11:16)
  8. How was it for you to live in a Muslim country? (14:01)
  9. Can you tell me about the relationships you developed in Tunisia? (18:30)
  10. What is your message to people who are afraid to step out of their comfort zone? (24:24)
  11. Can you tell us about your YouTube channel? (26:09)

Vocabulary Words:

  1. Dangerous (adj.): able or likely to cause harm or injury.
  2. Struggle (verb): strive to achieve or attain something in the face of difficulty or resistance.
  3. Hesitant (adj.): tentative, unsure, or slow in acting or speaking.
  4. Torment (verb): cause to experience severe mental or physical suffering.
  5. Anticipation (noun): the action of anticipating something; expectation or prediction.
  6. Rare (adj.): (of an event, situation, or condition) not occurring very often.
  7. Bond (noun): a relationship between people or groups based on shared feelings, interests, or experiences.
  8. Immerse (verb): involve oneself deeply in a particular activity.
  9. Absorb (verb): take in and understand fully (information, ideas, or experience).
  10. Intimidated (verb): frighten or overawe (someone), especially in order to make them do what one wants.
  11. Petition (noun): an appeal or request to a deity or a superior.
  12. Remarkable (adj.): worthy of attention; striking.

Phrases to Remember:

  1. humanitarian project: provides material or logistical assistance to a group of people or a country in need of aid.
  2. internal battle: a struggle within a person’s mind over a problem or question.
  3. to get oneself into something: to become (by your own actions) involved or entangled in a situation; usually a difficult one.
  4. catch one’s attention: to cause one to become interested in something.
  5. have it all together: To be well-prepared and organized for something, especially mentally.

Mistake to Avoid:

(incorrect word choice) They thought I was not tolerant NOT tolerable

Comprehension Questions: Don’t forget time stamps

  1. Where does Samson come from?
  2. What helped Samson have an idea of Tunisia before he got there?
  3. (True or False) Most Tunisians live in single-family homes.
  4. What was the biggest challenge for Samson in Tunisia?
  5. How did learning Arabic help Samson?
  6. How did Samson feel when he heard the prayer calls for the first time?
  7. (True or False) The friends Samson made in Tunisia speak at least 3 languages.


Question to consider:

How difficult is it for you to go outside of your comfort zone?


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Samson Bush is a world traveler, podcaster, and YouTuber. Follow his adventures around the world by subscribing to his social media channels.

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