Episode Summary: The reason WHY I started this podcast.

English Level: B1 🇨🇦

Show Notes

  • This is a podcast that uses storytelling and engaging questions to help English learners in Germany improve their language skills.
  • This is a podcast specifically for people in Germany.
  • The pace of speech is adapted to make sure English learners can understand.

Vocabulary Words

  • to implement (verb): put (a decision, plan, agreement, etc.) into effect.
  • Momentum (noun): the impetus and driving force gained by the development of a process or course of events.”the investigation gathered momentum in the spring”
  • to bind (verb): cause (people) to feel united.
  • Entrepreneur (noun): a person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit.
  • understandable (adjective): able to be understood.
  • to evolve (verb): develop gradually.

Phrase to Remember

  • to stick to something: you continue doing, using, saying, or talking about it, rather than changing to something else.
  • to be the case: to be so.
  • to go the extra mile: to do more than one is required to do.
  • to stay tuned: to keep watching a television show or listening to a radio broadcast

Mistake to avoid

That is more important NOT that is importanter

Comprehension questions

  1. When can you listen to podcasts?
  2. What’s the difference between audio and video content?
  3. Why is English so important today?
  4. What are the 4 elements of language learning?
  5. What is one of Jorge’s biggest dreams in life?
  6. What is the 1% rule?


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