We often use idiomatic phrases in everyday conversations, so here’s a few that you can use today.

1. brain’s behind

We use this idiom when we refer to the person who developed/managed a plan or strategy.

Ex. He’s the brain’s behind the new marketing strategy.

2. beat around the bush

We use this phrase when someone does not speak in a clear way because they don’t want to tell the truth. They are vague in their explanations and are not direct. The German version of this idiom is: schleichen um den heißen Brei herum.

Ex. Just tell me the truth. Don’t beat around the bush!

3. ballpark figure

We use this one to talk about approximate amounts. When we don’t know the exact amount of something, or want to have an estimate.

Ex. Can you give me a ballpark figure of how much we have to pay in taxes this year?

4. bounce back

If a company/person loses money and later finds a way to recover it, we say that they’ve bounced back. It can also be used when someone goes through problems/difficulties in their life and is able to find a solution.

Ex. Apple stocks bounced back in the second quarter after they lost $1 billion in the first quarter.

at the helm

If you are in charge of something, you are at the helm of it. It’s another way to say that someone is the boss.

Ex. Jeff Bezos is at the helm of Amazon.

Now it’s your turn. Make your own examples with the 5 idioms above.

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